False Photos From Tbilisi Flood

There was a flooding in Tbilisi, Georgia on the night of 13 June, 2015. Several people have been killed.

Water destroyed the enclosures of the local zoo. Several animals escaped in to the streets of Tbilisi. As usual, the Internet was flooded with photos of animals.

The following viral photos are not related to the Tbilisi event.


Photo: http://www.sacrs.org.za/indaba5/pictures.html by Alessia Bacchi. This lion was photographed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa (2006).

Photo source: BE news (2014). According to the news, an alligator managed to escape the Batumi zoo. Batumi zoo is in Georgia, but these two events are unrelated. The photo might be manipulated as well.

Dog photo source: Al Jazeera. Event: Kashmir floods in 2014

duluth seal
Seal photo source: Citypages. Event: Duluth flooding in 2012

Photo source: Globalnews. Event: an alligator visited a Walmart shop in Apopoka, Florida, 2013.

These two photos (often glued together) originate from different sources
1. Two dogs. Most likely event: heavy rains in Lancaster Co., PA, 2009. Source: a forum post.
2. Dog carrying a cat. Event unknown. There has been claims this picture is about Bosnian floods in 2014, but that does not seem to be the case. Source: Twitter post (May, 2014)

This video clip is often titled as “just another crocodile swimming on the streets of Tbilisi”. The title is not entirely false. This clip originates from a YouTube video (2014). Note that the video is not real. According to the author, it was created “for fun in 2014”.



  1. Greetings from Tbilisi. Well done on identifying the sources of the fake photos, I ve seen a few of them in circulation. The photos of the hippo in Heroes square and the bear cub clinging to an air conditioning unit were real. I had my doubts about the lion and alligator pics, you’ve confirmed those doubts.


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