Eddie Murphy eating steak

Claim: this is a photo of Eddie Murphy eating steak off a model’s back in the 80’s

Other captions used:

  • Eddie Murphy eating a steak and fries/chips…
  • You can be cool, but can you ever be Eddie Murphy eating steak…


I have not found any evidence to back up the claim. The photograph was initially published by a French website “Simon Says” in 2007. The website by Francois Simon concentrates on food, restaurants, hotels and traveling. None of the related articles, including the one in Le Figaro, mentions Eddie Murphy.

Conclusion: he is not Eddie Murphy.


  1. Sorry, but I don’t think so. I have seen the movie and cannot recall a scene with this image. The only reliable source is the French food blog which also indicates the photo was taken circa 2007. The movie was released in 1988.


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