Kids washing a meerkat

Claim: this is a photo of kids washing a Meerkat. South Africa, 1950s

Other captions used:

  • Animals and kids
  • White kids bathing a Meerkat
  • Meerkat having a bath


Claim is false. There is no meerkat in the original stock photo (via Alamy).

Original caption reveals also the location – this photo was not taken in South Africa:

Children: Nursery. Little one-yr-old, Georgina Rumph, likes to be in the swim. In fact she just loves a tub with some-water in it. However, a shower’s another thing. The silly watering can cause little Georgina get upset. This scene, was taken at Ashley Rd, Day nursery Bristol. August 1953



  1. Hi. this photo was in a boom I had a few years ago. it was a picture book of meerkats photo shopped in with children or as children. I’m trying to find the book again but I am struggling. I remember this specific photo from the book. if anyone can help me find it I would appreciate it.


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