Anti-cheating hats

Claim: this is a photo of school children wearing anti-cheating hats

Other captions used:

  • Anti-cheating hats from 1800s (or 1878)
  • Old method to avoid cheating


Photo credits: SVT-Bild / Das Fotoarchiv / Black Star via Alamy

The photo was taken on 10th of June 1938 in UK. Original title: “The helmets on the heads of these students at an open air school in London s St James s Park are a sure sign of the first real sunshine.”

Based on the original title and the fact that at least one student clearly sees the book on his left: those are not anti-cheating hats.

How did this photo got a false description: many historical “fact” accounts are just copying whatever has been posted on Reddit and share them as if they were real.

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