Shropshire UFO case

Shropshire Star published an UFO story on October 11, 2016. The unknown object is called as the “Flying Dorrito”. BBC News covered this story on 14th of October: Is Shropshire a UFO sighting hotspot?

Screenshot shows the alleged UFO photo:


It seems the Shropshire Star or BBC News didn’t do any fact-checking. Below is a screen-shot taken from a 2012 video titled “Triangle UFO escorted by planes 2012“.


Triangle UFO number #2

I was asked about the second alleged UFO photo in the BBC News article:


That is also a screen-shot from a YouTube video published on May, 2016.  The video has been published many times e.g. this version (December 2015).

It seems there are no real UFO photographs taken in Shropshire. Just some crappy screen-shots taken from fake UFO videos.


  • The Shropshire UFO photos are not real. They are screen-shots taken from old videos. One of them was allegedly shot in Spain in 2012
  • The Shropshire UFO story is clearly a hoax
  • Both UFO videos are clearly fakes

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