The photoshopped Clinton Rally pic

Mike Cernovich posted these two pictures on Twitter and wrote:

The “photoshopped” Clinton rally pic is itself a fake. Hoaxing Media did not put out the fake image to make rally look less pathetic.


Clearly there is something wrong: a very (badly) photoshopped picture with a lot of clone-stamped persons to begin with. Was it made by the Clinton supporters? How about the first photo with only few persons attending a rally?

The facts:

  • The first photo was not taken in a Hillary Clinton rally this weekend. It seems to be from an event in Cleveland State University. Apparently Bill Clinton was invited to that event.
  • The photoshopped picture originates from 4plebs message board. It has been posted several times since Saturday 29th of October. It was clearly posted as a joke and has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton’s rally event.

The photoshopped joke is still being actively shared by the Trump supporters on Twitter. Perhaps they got the idea from 4plebs board where some persons shared their ideas such as:

We should seriously spread this on social media to get Hillcunts to unironically post it.

But seriously, we should try and get this pic circulating on social media for lulz, see how many people repost without seeing what’s wrong with it.

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