The Titanic

I decided to collect some Titanic related fake or otherwise misleading photos although these have been debunked many times.

1) One of the most commonly used picture is actually a photo of the RMS Queen Mary, 1934. More details: HoaxOfFame. Debunked by @PicPedant on Twitter.


2) The following photo is often titled as “The last known photo of the Titanic”


That is not true. The last photo of the Titanic was taken by John Morrogh at Red Bay, Crosshaven, after the vessel had left Queenstown.

3) This photo below is often titled as “The Grand Staircase of the Titanic, 1912”


That is the grand staircase of the RMS Olympic. There are no original photographs of the one in Titanic.

4) Next one is often shared as a photo of Titanic’s propellers


That is a photo of the RMS Mauretania taken in Canada Dock in Liverpool, 1909.

In fact, there are no known photographs of Titanic’s propellers in place. The next often miscaptioned photo shows the propellers of the Titanic’s sister ship,  RMS Olympic.


5) This photo is generally shared as the The first class lounge on board Titanic, 1912


It is in fact a photo of the first class lounge of the RMS Olympic taken in 1911. Thanks to Jamie Angus for pointing this out.

Titanic and Olympic were nearly identical sister ships. No photos of Titanic’s lounge are known to exist. You can find many photos of the Olympic online. See also: That’s not Titanic blog.

6) This photo is often shared with a title “Anchor Men – Titanic”


More accurate title: “Anchor Men – RMS Mauretania”. Source: Wikipedia. Photo via Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums.

7) This photo is often shared as Titanic’s First Class Suite


That is not a real photo of the first class suite aboard the Titanic. It is a recreation of the Sitting Room B51 probably from one of the Titanic exhibitions.

This photograph is most likely copied from a book “Titanic: The Myths and Legacy of a Disaster” by Roger and June Cartwright.

Below is one real photo of the same room aboard the Titanic:


8) Last known photograph of the Titanic on the surface of the ocean

There is a claim that the photo below, taken by Francis Browne, is the last known photograph of the Titanic.

That is not true. The last photograph of the Titanic was taken at Crosshaven, Co Cork, Ireland, just after the vessel departed Queenstown:

Source: Encyclopedia Titanica.

9) Titanic “was the first 9/11”

There is a conspiracy theory that the Titanic accident was staged. It is not true – just like it is untrue and unproven that 9/11 terrorist attack was an insider job.

One part of the conspiracy theory claims that it was the Olympic, not the Titanic that sank. This claim was backed up by footage of the wreck hull showing letters MP. All this is complete nonsense. Suggested reading: Debunked: Conspiracy of the Titanic, first staged 9-11.

10) Canine casualties

The next photo is often shared with a false caption: Dogs which survived the Titanic disaster.

titanic-three-dogs-didnt-surviveUnfortunately these dogs didn’t make it. Three other dogs did survive: two Pomeranian and one Pekinese.

11) Titanic in Southampton, 1912

Some history accounts claim that the next photo shows Titanic in Southampton, 1912

That is actually a movie replica at the Southampton dock.

12) 1st class dining saloon of Titanic

This photo is often shared as the 1st class dining saloon of Titanic:

That is actually the 1st class dining saloon of the RMS Olympic. There is only one known photograph of the dining saloon of Titanic, taken by Francis Browne:

Source: Encyclopedia TITANICA. See also: That’s not Titanic (Tumblr).

13) Titanic crew

The next photo is often linked to Titanic disaster:

That is actually a photo of RMS Olympic’s officers. On the right is Edward Smith who later became the captain of the Titanic. Source: Getty Images.

14) photo of RMS Olympic

The next photo is often claimed to be of Titanic.

It’s actually RMS Olympic.


  1. Half truths here. The last pic is that of Olympic with its many life boats but it was built as Titanic which sailed as the New Olympic. Even Charlie Chaplin confirmed that the later Olympic and the earlier Olympic was not the same ship. About 9/11 there is conclusive truth that it was an inside job with Mossad and the CIA and even Hollywood deeply involved. Max Forensic.


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