The piano tree

Yesterday one of the picture dump accounts posted this photograph on Twitter:


Photo credit: Tyler Sessa on Flickr, 2008.

There was no caption, but the Twitter account in question posts pictures of abandoned things. It looks like the tree is growing through the piano.

In 2015, similar Twitter picture dump account described this as: “A tree growing through an abandoned piano”:


Photo credit: Hayley aka Glowninja on Flickr, 2010

The facts:

  • Location: a forest near the California State University, Monterey Bay, USA
  • The tree didn’t grow through the piano
  • An artist/student called Jeff placed the piano there. You can find a video of him describing the artwork on American Nobodies – scroll down and click on a image that reads “Jeff” or watch it here.
  • The piano has been destroyed

This hoax has been debunked earlier by e.g. @Picpedant on Twitter and Matt Novak on Gizmodo.

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