Ice tree

This photo has been shared with the following captions:

  • When a fire hydrant bursts in freezing weather
  • Frozen exploded water main under a tree
  • Burst water main pipe shrouds tree in ice
  • This is what an exploded water hose in subzero temperatures looks like


The photograph is real. However, the ice tree was created on purpose by a family living in the house. Bases on various sources, they create this cool decoration every year.

Location: Heber City, Utah, USA.

The following samples were collected from Facebook. First one shows the same house and tree in 2015:


Second example: same house from different angle, photograph was taken in 2013:


You can easily find more photographs and videos of this ice tree from e.g. Facebook.

Finally, here is the house via Google Street View on October 2012. There is no water main or fire hydrant nearby.


It is clear that there was no water accident involved.

Not surprisingly, the source for the false story seems to be Reddit. See the Karma Decay results. The correctly titled version was posted about four years ago: “Frozen tree in Park City, Utah” – that post didn’t get much attention. Someone simply re-posted the photo and changed the title to “This is what an exploded water hose in subzero temperatures looks like” and the picture went viral.

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