Fake tweet about Stockholm attack

Warning: graphic images.

Social media is full of people who want to turn tragic events like terror attacks into political messages. They don’t feel bad about sharing fake news and pictures. Spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (aka FUD) to their followers is a tactic that unfortunately seems to work.

In March, there was a terrorist attack in UK. Some people started sharing a story about how “Al Jazeera Viewers Seem To React With Joy Over London Terror Attack” backed up with screen-shots. Al Jazeera reacted to this fake news.

On 7th of April 2017, there was a terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden. I noticed people sharing this screen-shot on Twitter:

Who ever created this screen-shot, wanted to repeat the Al Jazeera’s UK attack story. It turned out to be a fake picture.

  1. The “Breaking911” account did not tweet this (they did during the UK attack though, so I’m not defending them)
  2. The image of the victim has been photoshopped
  3. They used the UK attack tweet as a “template”: if you look closely, you can see the text “Westminster” in the picture
  4. Al Jazeera didn’t even have a Facebook live coverage during the Stockholm attack

I thought this fake would be noticed soon, but it was still being circulated during Saturday. If you still see this, please do your part.

Not surprisingly, I found this disgusting fake among others from 4chan.

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