Fake: terrorist propaganda goes wrong

A video showing alleged “fake corpses” is being circulated with following captions:

  • Gaza “corpses” caught moving
  • Muslims caught faking civilian deaths for the cameras
  • Dear Muslims, before trying to fake civilian deaths, make sure the cameras are not rolling
  • Syrians caught staging the dead from chemical attack

Trolls and their followers keeps sharing a video that has been cut and taken out of context.

This video was made in Egypt, 2013. It shows a protest arranged by students of Al-Azhar university. The students pretended to be dead (symbolically) to protest against the Egyptian government. You can watch the original, uncut video on YouTube.

If you see this video being shared with a fake caption, please do your part.

The video description translated to English (via Google translator):

filming Mostafa Darwish Editor Mohamed Anwar
dozens of Muslim Brotherhood students organized, Al – Azhar University, a mass demonstration in front of the college administration building, and joined the Muslim Brotherhood students at Al Azhar University of my career girls and boys together, in one march, met between the College building medicine and engineering next to the presidency of Al-Azhar University building, having toured around the campus to mobilize students, disrupting the study, where the marches went to the College of Engineering.
And it began a number of students who could not housing university cities of obtaining a good rating, in the processing of speakers, and put them in front of the presidency building of Al – Azhar University, to establish a protest events, to put pressure on the president of the university to accommodate them.
The Brotherhood students cut through the permanent camp of Al – Azhar University, amid crowds of motorists, causing a state of congestion paralysis on both sides.

The students chanted slogans against the army and police , .
The number of demonstrators tried Brotherhood of Al – Azhar University, to break into the administrative building of the university by trying to break into a comprehensive university clinic, while others lit Achammarej and fireworks students in the air

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