Nazi Cola

Some historical picture accounts claim this is a photo of Coca-Cola advertisement used in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. German text: “ein Volk ein Reich ein Getrank, Coke ist es”.

This is not a real advertisement, but a photoshop artwork made in 2004. Fake History Hunter account has debunked this earlier. The photo offers several clues:

  • “Coke is est” – “Coke is it” is a slogan that was introduced in 1982
  • Trademark: the circle-R was not introduced for usage until 1940s – in the Trademark Act of 1946.
  • “Getrank” should be actually “Getränk” meaning beverage
  • German sentences are literal translations. They are clearly not written by a native German speaker

Unfortunately this image has ended up in historical ad collection sites such as the Ad Branch. All other Coca-Cola ads in that page are real, but somehow this fake one ended up there as well.

Coca-Cola company did sponsor the 1936 Olympics, but this advertisement is just digital artwork made in 2004.

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