Early suffragettes eating pizza

This photo has been shared too many times with the following caption:

  • In 1921, early suffragettes often donned a bathing suit and ate pizza in large groups to annoy men

It has been debunked many times, but repetition won’t hurt, because this is a persistent, miscaptioned photo.

Image credit: Shorpy

The caption is totally wrong (and it’s copied from Reddit). Original caption via Shorpy:

July 31, 1921. Washington, D.C. “Pie eating contest at Tidal Basin bathing beach.” In the back row: the blurry but unmistakable facial contours of Iola Swinnerton.

So there’s no pizza. The persons are not “early suffragists” (1921!). They probably didn’t annoy anyone. Perhaps some people who didn’t get any pizza were annoyed. Or the photographer. The story doesn’t tell.

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