Alien structures on the far side of the moon

I have reviewed a YouTube channel called SecureTeam 10 in 2017 when they had over 800K subscribers. The channel has just reach over two million subscribers, which probably makes it the number one UFO-channel on YouTube.

This is a review of SecureTeam 10’s latest (monetized) video: China Lands on FAR SIDE of Moon – Alien Base Photos Imminent?

SecureTeam 10 talks about research and finding the truth. Based on this video, it seems they have totally ignored facts. Perhaps that’s OK for viewers who “want to believe” rather than people who want to know or learn.

The main claims and facts:

Video starts with a “testimony” of Karl Wolfe who made several extraordinary claims in 2010. Wolfe, who was a former sergeant of the U.S. Air Force, claimed he was assigned to HQ Tactical Air Command in Langley, Virginia in mid-1960s. Wolfe also claimed to have seen buildings and towers in photos from the Lunar Orbiter Program – allegedly taken from the dark side of the moon. All this without any evidence. We know that the Lunar Orbiter took the first photos from the dark side of the moon in 1967. It would have been impossible for Wolfe to examine any such photographs two years earlier.

Video continues with the story of “music” heard by Apollo 10 astronauts in 1969. Video also claims the audio files of the Apollo 10 mission have not been published. The music was interference between the VHF radios – it’s been public knowledge since the 1970s. The Apollo 10 audio files are online. Here’s a link to the audio file that contains the “music” – starting approximately at 40 minutes from the start.

During rest of the video we get to see some pictures that are supposedly “structures” on the moon. Some of them are from an older video:

The triangle looking thing on the right hand side image above is an image artifact. There are plenty of similar artifacts in the old Lunar Orbiter photographs:

Photo credit: Lunar and Planetary Institute

In this case the triangles are probably scratches in the original negative – they look bit like staples. It’s also possible that artifacts were caused by some other object when the film was scanned.

Other alleged structures have been explained by UfoOfInterest on Twitter:

Here’s a link you can use two quickly see moon related fact checks from UFOofInterest on Twitter.

SecureTeam 10 channel is very popular and their videos could be described as entertainment. Viewers should not take these videos too seriously because the allegations are quite extraordinary without actual evidence – or even basic fact checking based on this one video. Quote from my earlier channel review:

Secureteam 10 claims to be a researcher, but that is obviously not true. Pick any video from the channel – or watch all of them – and you will find out that there is no actual research done by Secureteam 10. A researcher would perform basic fact checking, analyze matters from different perspectives, use multiple sources and also accept critique. This channel never responds to critics, for example via discussion or debate. They choose to be quiet or simply block the offending accounts.

There are no alien structures on the moon. You can easily verify that with a telescope or good binoculars when it comes to the bright side of the moon. There is no evidence of alien structures on the dark side of the moon either. We will most likely get some actual facts and cool images from China’s Chang’e4 mission.

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