Forgotten Bugatti’s

Is this a real photo of forgotten Bugatti’s?

Image credit: Simeon Patarozliev

That is actually 3D artwork ‘ Sleeping Beauties’ by Simeon Patarozliev. Quote:

The Sleeping Beauties were inspired by a series of photos taken by H. Hesselmann. There is a story behind these cars of course. There were many of them including Bugattis, Ferraris, Lancias and many more who were left in sheds or in the open outside for years and years. It’s quite a big collection owned by Michel Dovaz who supposedly didn’t care much about it. There are even two books for these cars already published – one in the 80s and one in more recent times. When I saw the photos I loved the atmosphere, these old beautiful cars and what time and nature did to them.

– Simeon Patarozliev on

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