Toblerone train

Is this a real photo of a Toblerone/triangle-shaped train?

This triangle-shaped train image is quite old photoshop job. It was debunked already in 2006 by the Computing Magazine. The real train photo is below:

The train is a former Kinki Nippon Railway – “Kintetsu” – KuMo270 series EMU. It was built in 1977 by Kinki Sharyo for the 2’6”/762mm gauge Hokusei line from Nishi-Kuwana to Ageki, near Nagoya. This line had been set to close, but was instead taken over by the Sangi Railway.’ Oh, and it’s not triangular. Someone squashed it up using Photoshop, as we can now reveal above.

From BackBytes blog, Computing Magazine, 2006 by reader Neil Shaw

One comment

  1. The fake version has so flooded “teh intranets” it is almost impossible to find the picture of the actual train!


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