Q/A July 2019

This is the QA post for July 2019. See also similar post for June 2019.

I’m getting a lot of questions via Twitter. I’m trying to solve this challenge by collecting questions and answers to a monthly blog post. Please make sure to check these posts if you have a question.

Rules of engagement (before asking something):

  • Check my Twitter timeline. Also check tweets and replies.
  • Check this blog and QA-posts (use the search function if needed)
  • I try to answer frequent or interesting questions here or post them as tweets. I don’t have time to react to all questions so please keep checking my timeline and blog.

Note that this list of questions is not exhaustive. I’m simply unable to answer all questions due to lack of time.

Note: send your questions via the contact form.

Q: What is this thing?

A: It is a Ribbon worm. It uses the milky goo for hunting. See this article for more details.

Q: Does this person need help? Are they in trouble?

Many people seem to think Kate Yup needs help because they are perhaps sending morse codes, there seems to be visible bruises etc. And they have not posted a new video after this one.

A: Here’s what we know:

  • The person in this video is not sending any morse codes. The tapping is quite random. I couldn’t see any “hidden signals” in this video.
  • if this person was captive, why they are allowed to make these videos and even get access to e.g. knives? There are over 25 videos where Kate Yup just eats something.
  • Kate Yup has used a face mask in all videos. This is most likely to cover their identity. Also, they are wearing a wristband on their left hand: that is most likely to cover a tattoo.
  • The previous video was posted three months ago, and before that there was a one month gap. There is no reason to expect a new video immediately.

Based on what I can see, this is just yet another channel where people perform “weird” things. Here’s another person who makes very similar videos. They are categorized as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Feel free to watch all kind of ASMR videos if you want.

Q: is this way the solar system travels through the galaxy?

A: That’s wrong in many ways. Read this article by Phil Blait for further information.

Q: is this a real video of Jason Statham unscrewing a bottle cap by kicking?

A: yes. This viral #bottlecapchallenge apparently started in the mixed martial arts world. Follow the hashtag to see a number of similar kicks. Or read this article that contains multiple examples. Note that the cap is loose and somebody or something is holding the bottle. I’m not saying this trick is easy, and will not try it myself 🙂

Q: bottle cap challenge with a car?

A: looks like a computer render to me. If this were a real car, the stunt would require extreme precision driving which seems impossible. Also, the account that posted this is known for car themed CGI videos.

Q: is this a real tiger chasing a bike?

A: most likely yes. The video originates from a reliable source: Forest and Wildlife protection Society (FAWPS) on Facebook. The video doesn’t appear to be CGI. I’m not sure if the tiger is actually chasing the bike or just running for some other reason. Further reading via Snopes.

Q: food jumping from a plate

A: that’s probably real. It could be snake or fish meat reacting to salt. Or perhaps more likely, it could be Ikizukuri (Japanese food). Perhaps a prepared toad that’s still moving.

Q: storm in Miami?

That’s not real. PicPedant’s debunk below. This isn’t the first time Shavnore’s digital art has been misused.

Q: video of real paranormal activity?

A: this is an old hoax. See Hoax or Fact for details.

Q: what about this robot bowling video?

A: it’s CGI artwork just like the source above writes. This video has been copied and shared by many accounts who are sharing it without attribution using misleading titles like “robot overlords”.

Q: chilling ghost footage from a hotel (room 209)?

A: that’s an old hoax. See this article for details.

Q: paranormal activity in a cemetery?

A: there are several Tik Tok videos by “Security1275” (there might be other account names, too). This shouldn’t be a surprise: I don’t see any evidence of supernatural activity in these videos. Some of the videos include persons, perhaps children, that are supposedly “ghosts”. They are not. I’m leaning towards hoax, unless it turns out that the person who made these videos really believes in supernatural and was subject to a prank.

Reason is simple: there is no scientific evidence of supernatural things like ghosts, spirits, angels etc. I’m willing to change my opinion if any alleged supernatural claim would go through scientific analysis and survive. Ghost stories are very old and they are still very popular. However, it’s quite revealing that no supernatural event has ever been scientifically analyzed ending with conclusion: that’s supernatural.

Instead of scientific research we see a lot of wild claims, which are often hoaxes or pranks, or even lies. Many supernatural claims have been properly studied and all of them turned out to be some natural phenomenon.

Q: incredible zoom video

A: see my tweet

Q: does this video show a real elevator accident where person’s hand is cut off?

A: It’s not real. The video is actually just an advertisement / promotion (for The Power of Nice website)

Q: did a graphic designer filmed his son and added various special effects?

A: Yes. These videos are from YouTube channel called Action Movie Kids. Sadly that wasn’t mentioned in the tweets. Checkout their channel.

Q: Does this video show passengers disembarking an airplane in orderly fashion?

A: Yes. This video has been copied by many accounts. They share it without the context that’s visible above. With the given context, it’s quite easy to understand why the passengers act like that: these workers do this multiple times a month. Disembarking the plane has obviously become a routine.

Q: Are these really owls?

A: Yes, those are barn owls and they needed to be rescued. They have been mistaken for aliens before. Read this article for more details.

Q: is this “water world tsunami” video real?

A: Yes. According to Chinese sources, a malfunction triggered a large wave in Chinese water park. Dozens were injured.

Q: is this video of a possessed demon baby?

A: no. This video was posted by Chris Buell in 2016 without explanation. They also posted another video where the baby falls on the floor. They also wrote:

No children were harmed. This is not my child in the video.

Chris Buell, 2016, “Possessed Baby Crib Surfing – Incredible Balance” video

The YouTube video also includes a Amazon website link to “best nanny cam for your home” — the videos were probably created as viral promotions for the nanny cam in question.

Q: Bees dying under 5G poles?

A: Not true. There are many reasons why bees are dying. 5G or any other mobile communication network isn’t one of them. This is just one example of 5G conspiracy theory. Bees and insects are dying at record rates and that’s alarming news.

Q: VR playing grandma shooting at TV?

A: that’s staged and acted. The video is from a YouTube channel called Skills in Time. They have published many comedy videos.

Q: what is this thing (unexplained object in New Zealand)?

A: That is a contrail. See this Metabunk thread for more details.

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