Underwater plane wreck

This video was posted with the following caption: Two divers discover in the deep sea an old plane that fell in a war. The weird thing, the pilot and his co-pilot are in their seats, but they are skeletons.

There is a sign on the plane which says “ORKA diving center”. My followers identified the plane and place: it’s in Poland. The plane is a post-war Antonov An-2. Claim that this plane fell during a war is false.

The skeletons are clearly not real. In case of plane crash, the bodies would not stay intact in their seats. With helmets on and hands on the controls.

It is clear that the Polish diving center have planted this plane and the fake skeletons underwater for divers. The person who made the video didn’t come up with this false story that started to circulate online.

Here is another video of the same plane by another diver:

Video via YouTube

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