Q/A August 2019

I’m getting a lot of questions via Twitter. I’m trying to solve this challenge by collecting questions and answers to a monthly blog post. Please make sure to check these posts if you have a question.

Rules of engagement (before asking something):

  • Check my Twitter timeline. Also check tweets and replies.
  • Check this blog and QA-posts (use the search function if needed)
  • I try to answer frequent or interesting questions here or post them as tweets. I don’t have time to react to all questions so please keep checking my timeline and blog.

Note that this list of questions is not exhaustive. I’m simply unable to answer all questions due to lack of time.

Note: send your questions via the contact form.

Q: Video of a person getting shot at a pool party?

A: That is a scripted and acted video. Below is the full video that shows film crew as well.

Q: Massive explosion at Russian military facility?

A: True. The fireball was caused by explosion at ammo dump. More details via Business Insider.

Q: Winnie the Pooh cloud?

A: that’s apparently a Photoshop job that has been circulating online since at least 2016. According to stories back then, the cloud appeared over children’s charity event in Dorset, England.

I couldn’t find the source for this picture, which is one reason to be skeptical. Clouds can create amazing patterns and pareidolia does tricks, but this picture is too specific when it comes to bears head, mouth, ear, hands etc.

Q: Minnie the Mouse using a flamethrower?

A: Original video is from Disney Summer Festival Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. Twitter user RATE_VFX edited the video and added the flamethrower effect. Source:

Q: Do bulletproof backpacks exist?

A: Yes. According to news sources, the sales of bulletproof backpacks have increased after the recent mass shootings.

Q: is this a photo of 392 years old shark?

A: Most likely it is not. It’s a Greenland shark which was tagged and released in 2017 according to the photographer. The tweet text is based on 2016 news about the estimated age of one Greenland shark. According to some articles, the shark could have been 400 years old.

Q: is this photo of a masturbating man in Pompeii, 79 CE?

A: it’s not. It’s a plaster cast of a victim by professor Massimo Osanna. More details via this article.

Q: how did they do this “Greatest Escape Artist” video?

A: there are some nice optical illusions used, but also video editing. When the person reaches the top of the ladder, the real ladder is removed (at 0:18). Also, they are not climbing to the roof (at 0:23->), rather hanging from the ledge so that it looks convincing. All this is very well done.

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