Iranian Revolutionary Guard shooting at U.S. drone or UFO

I received few questions about this tweet:

At the same time, @ufoofinterest asked me to help with this video, but with another claim: the target is not U.S. drone, but an UFO. After watching quite many videos, we both concluded this video most likely shows people shooting at RC plane with tracer bullets. That was a good theory, but not yet proven.

Finding the source video with this kind of material is very difficult. Reverse image search by frame doesn’t really help when the frames contain darkness and some lights. You just need to go through a lot of videos to test your assumptions.

Next researcher was Marco Faustino via E-Farsas article. Their conclusion was inline, but further narrowing the shooting area to Big Sandy Shoot in USA. That area turned out to be a great candidate and was among the videos we checked earlier. But still not a 100% match.

Alexandre Capron, a journalist working for France24’s Observers, finally nailed it. Alexandre had to go through a large number of videos before finding a match. Alexandre’s “Eyes burnt spending time to find exact videos” while working on this

Here’s the final result in one tweet. Original video from Big Sandy Shoot shows 50 machine guns struggling to shoot down drone (a led covered remote controlled plane). Great effort from researchers from different fields and countries!

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