Weather radar anomaly in Mexico

Persons interested in weather radars spotted something weird in Mexico early September: a circular shape that could not be explained. Several claims surfaced: evil ritual linked to “strange energy signature”. Apparently “dismembered bodies were later found in the same location”.

Perhaps it was the aliens. Or HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

The anomaly is real. It was spotted by several people using different weather radars. There were other anomalies spotted in China and India.

According to Robert Speta, operational and broadcast meteorologist, this anomaly was caused by range test, a standard maintenance routine.

Weather radar anomalies are quite common. And so are the wild claims related to them. Common explanations:

  1. Anomaly is caused by the radar equipment. Example from 2010, Australia:
  2. Radar interference caused by ground or sea clutter, birds, the sun – here’s a good collection by the MetService Blog.

Before jumping into conclusions, it would be good to check the common explanations. And possible weather radar tests.


  1. No proof has been provided that this is a radar test… this has appeared in other countries and it never looks the same.


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