Chameleon changing color

A video of chameleon climbing up and changing colors rapidly went viral on Twitter. Many people asked me if it was real. Initial response was based on a fact that a chameleon can’t change colors that fast. Video is clearly digitally edited, but I couldn’t find the source immediately.

The predominant colors of chameleons are green and browns. Some skin colors in this video are unrealistic.

About chameleons ability to change skin color:

When the light hits its skin, the cells act depending on the mood of the chameleon. Crystals would be close together in a neutral state and spread out when the chameleon gets excited. This crystals would reflect out to the epidermis the warm light, changing the chameleons color to yellow.

Chameleon Colors Reflect Their Emotions, Patricia Edmonds / National Geographic. Source article.

Finally some of my followers identified the artist: pardalischamereon on Instagram:

Like the artist writes, this is a composite movie (the color changes of chameleon have been digitally altered).

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