Fake giants

There are many claims about ancient giant humans. I have posted about several claims varying from photoshop jobs to gigantic steps for the Nephilim.

Nephilim and alleged race of ancient giants are mentioned in the Bible. But the fact is that humans cannot evolve into giants (and we never were giants), because it is physically impossible. See this video for explanation:

How big can a person get – Vsauce

But claims about ancient giants just keeps coming. I decided to collect most frequently asked giant stories to one article.

The San Diego Giant

The San Diego giant or the “tallest human giant who ever lived” was a mummy that was found in San Diego, California in 1895. Fred Rawson purchased the mummy and put it on exhibit. Many people paid to see the mummy and it was also featured in news articles.

The Smithsonian Museum became interested in 1908. They tested a skin sample of the mummy and it was found to be gelatin. This ancient giant turned out to be fake. Salt Lake Tribune wrote an article about it in 1908.

Giant finger

Gregor Spörri claims they found a finger of a giant. With photographic evidence:

This is also known as the Relic of Bir Hooker. Short version of the story/claims: Spörri traveled to Egypt in 1988. A person named Nagib claimed this object had been in his family for over 150 years. Spörri had to pay USD 300 to see it. The object – a finger – is said to be 13.7-16 inches (34.8-40 cm) long and 2.3-3 inches (5.8-7.6 cm) thick, which would mean an estimated height of 16.5 feet (over 5 meters).

Spörri photographed the object, and returned to Egypt in 2009, but Nagib was nowhere to be found. The evidence: a story and few photos which were published in 2012. This object was never properly analyzed. We could be a looking at a sculpture made from clay. This is a quite common case: extraordinary claim without any evidence.

Photos from archeological dig in Greece

A number of photos of “recent” archaeological dig in some country like Greece has been circulating online since 2004. Example:

All four pictures are known photoshop jobs. Snopes debunked this claim in 2019.

I’ll update this post if new giant claims appear. Meanwhile check out Jason Colavito’s excellent article: Newspaper accounts of giants.


  1. Friend, yes, “Nephilim and [sic.] alleged race of ancient giants are mentioned in the Bible” but there are a few problems here:
    1. the word “giants” is a vague, generic, subjective and undefined term.
    2. that word derives from the Greek “gigas” or “gigantes” which literally means “earth-born.”
    3. yes, some render the Hebrew word “Nephilim” as “giants” but that only begs the question of what “giants” means–the same renderers also render “Rephaim” as “giants” (which the Greek did as well, in addition to “gibborim” as “gigantes”) so this is clearly not translating (which is why I opted to refer to rendering).
    4. if by “giants” we are to think of something to do with unusual height (another subjective term) then Nephilim are a non-issue since we have no reliable, certainly no reliable biblical, physical description of them whatsoever.


  2. Dinosaurs are a hoax invented by royalty in 1842, so there’s no point using them as a reference. There are some many almighty buildings that do fit the timeline we are given. Who built them, and for what?


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