Nixon talking to Apollo 11

This meme has been quite popular especially among the Flat Earth believers.

“Nixon talking to Apollo 11 on a landline phone with a picture taken from the moon in the background… take your time”.

Apparently the idea was to raise doubts about the Apollo 11 moon landing. How it is possible that there is a photo taken from the moon in the background when Apollo 11 crew had just landed? Answer is pretty simple: that photo is the Earthrise, that was taken from lunar orbit by astronaut William Anders on December 24, 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission.

The Earthrise photo on the wall was taken in 1968. Nixon called the Apollo 11 astronauts on July 20, 1969.

Below is a video showing Nixon speaking with astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin on the Moon.

Note that although Nixon used a landline phone, this was actually a telephone-radio transmission. It would have been impossible to call to a radio channel directly by using a telephone.

Read more about the historic phone call via National Archives.

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