Did Ukraine use fake war photos again? Nope.

False claim from social media: these four photos are from the phone of an employee of the Ukrainian CIPSO. They show Ukrainians making up the girl who died during the shelling of the Russian Federation.

This isn’t the first false claim about Ukrainians faking war images, using crisis actors etc. All similar claims have been debunked. This claim is also false.

Most photos were copied from the Instagram page of Ukrainian combat medic veteran. Photos were taken during a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training session in 2016.

Based on the hashtag, the training was organised by a company called 44 Center

Trainings according to the most modern global protocols 
Use of dummies and simulation training methods
Trainings are held at the best training grounds 
Representations in 9 regional centers
48 instructors

We  conduct specialized and corporate trainings

44Center website

Their Instagram feed shows many similar images. The combat medic in question posted this on Twitter:

Enemy propagandists stole my photos from training sessions in 2016 from Instagram and passed it off as a successful exposure of the special operation of the Ukrainian IPSO on production videos in Kherson

How about you, Elon?

(Google translation of the tweet)


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