I’m a security professional from Finland. This blog is about identifying fake or hoax pictures.

General definitions:
Fake – picture is modified (“photoshopped”)
Hoax – picture is not necessarily modified, but taken out of context

Fake and hoax pictures are often used for propaganda, but also for other purposes like increasing popularity in social media.

Online profiles: HoaxEye Twitter, YouTube
Personal profile: JanneFI (Twitter),
Security blog: www.janne.is

See also:
HoaxOfFame (Twitter) and hoaxoffame.tumblr.com
PicPedant (Twitter)
FakeAstropix (Twitter)
First Draft (Twitter)
Matt Novak (Twitter)
Hoax-Slayer (Twitter)
Stop Fake (Twitter)
Doubtful News (Twitter)
Mick West (Twitter) – metabunk.org
It’s an Urban Legend (Twitter)
UFO of Interest (Twitter) – ufoofinterest.org
bellingcat (Twitter)
Quote Investigator (Twitter) – quoteinvestigator.com
Fotoforensics.com by Dr. Neal Krawetz
TinEye – reverse image search tool
Waffles At Noon

About my profile image

As HoaxEye, I’m using the following profile image created by my daughter Iiris Ahlberg.
You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Thanks, Janne, for this research blog and for sharing all of these remarkable/useful/notable resources.
    Best regards from Portugal.


  2. Thanks for your work educating the public.


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