Nazi flags in Ukraine

Viral Nazi-flag #1

Nazi flag pic 1

This picture has been altered. The left flag (with swastika) and right flag (with skulls) are photoshopped.  Error Level Analysis (ELA) of reveals the details. I found another version of the image with additional changes. See the Fotoforensics report for details.

Original picture was not found.

Viral Nazi-flag #2


Fotoforensics analysis revealed that the Nazi-flag with swastika is photoshopped. See Dr. Neal Krawetz’s tweets (check the full thread for details):

Note that this analysis is based on Camera Color and Principal Component Analysis (PCA), not on the Error Level Analysis (ELA).

Original picture was not found. Several variants of the picture can be found, but due to the low quality, none of them can be analyzed. It’s possible that original photo has not been found.

Disclaimer: this post is not political. It is about the technical facts of two fake pictures. I don’t know from where these photos originate, who posted them or why.

Thanks to Dr. Neal Krawetz for his help – and running!


  1. AHAHAH!
    Get real they do the nazis salutes !
    Is that photoshoped too? xD


    • Looks fake to me, you can see a red outline around the flag and the two people in front of it have white halo, ironically the white is in the same area as the white in the nazi flag picture. Seems more likely an edit of the nazi flag picture.


  2. >Original picture was not found.

    Nope. Nothing in this post proves either image is fake. In fact, the twitter post you linked to some guy proves the second image is real.


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