Arnold in New York

Claim: This is a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger seeing NYC for the first time (1968)

Other captions used:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger with an SLR (Yashica Electro)
  • Camera-nator
  • Young celebs before they fame


This image has been circulating online for at least five years. I started debunking this on January 20th based on a tweet by @oldpicsarchive.

As usual, @oldpicsarchive have scraped the caption and image from Reddit. The first hints about the real source of this photo was posted by Reddit users: this image could be a still from the movie “Hercules in New York” (released in 1970) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The difficult part was to find some evidence.

After going through a lot of YouTube clips, I found this one called “Hercules in New York – Herc loves new york“. The scene starts at 0.23 in the video clip.  Conclusion: the claim is false. This picture is a still image or possible promotional photo from the movie Hercules in New York. Here’s my tweet debunking this claim.

Snopes published a similar debunk on January 21st.

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