Gigantic steps

This photo is often shared as “gigantic steps for Nephilim“. In this case “Nephilim” refers to a race of giants that lived on earth according to Genesis 6:4. Did the ancient giants used these gigantic steps?

That’s actually a photo of Ollantaytambo, an Incan ruin in Peru. Those are not steps, but agricultural terraces. Graduated terrace steps are commonly used to farm on hilly or mountainous terrain. This photo doesn’t provide any evidence of ancient giants.

About Nephilim and alleged race of ancient giants: they are mentioned in the Bible. There are various interpretations: they could be (fallen) angels, aliens, giants or human-angel hybrids. If you ask me, the whole thing is just a modern myth based on a old fictional story.

There are a lot of related hoaxes. Examples: Snopes and National Geographic.


  1. Agricultural terraces? Like the rice terraces? What was planted then on the steps? can the rock be planted on? NO…


  2. Marikit
    “Agricultural terraces?”
    “Like the rice terraces?”
    “What was planted then on the steps?”
    “can the rock be planted on?”
    If you put dirt on the stone they can.


    • I grew up on a farm. EVEN with modern farming technology – which they did not have – those terraces would not grow enough to sustain any meaningful portion of the city. You tell me (and show me evidence) that they were used to EXPERIMENT with crops – I’ll believe you. If you cannot show me that evidence, you are simply making sh*t up to match your preexisting beliefs and they remain a mystery. I’m fine with either, but no, they weren’t feed ing many people with that and using it as an explanation is … frankly… desperate.


  3. The giants mentioned in the Bible, which David fought one, were about 9 ft tall. Those are not steps but the side of a pyramid would be my guess (PLEASE NOT I SAID “I GUESS” cause I really dont know).


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