Pictures of Woodstock festival that aren’t

Many history “fact” accounts and websites offers photos of the famous Woodstock festival. In many cases these stories are basically click-baits, and almost always they contain one or several mistakes.

Below you can find five example photos that were not taken in the Woodstock festival in 1969:

  1. Advertisement for the clothing company Landlubber, 1971
  2. Powder Ridge Music Festival, 1970. Photograph by Leonard Freed
  3. Park concert, University of Pennsylvania, PA, 1971. Photograph by David Fenton
  4. Kralingen Pop Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1970. Photograph by Herbert Behrens
  5. Summer of Love, 1967, Hyde Park, London, UK. As a reference, here are two photos of the same persons partying in 1967. Photograph by David Graves

Update: adding photo number #6, often titled as “Rain Dance, Woodstock”:

taking_woodstook_2009This is actually a still image from a Ang Lee movie called “Taking Woodstock“, 2009.

Update 2: Below is a photo of  “Happy Hippy” at Knebworth rock festival in UK. It is being shared as a Woodstock 1969 photograph.


Update 3: The photo below by Josef Koudelka was taken in UK. It is often titled as “flower girl loving the tunes at Woodstock, 1969”.


Update 4: the next photo is often titled as “Love’s young dream at Woodstock 1969”


This photograph was taken by Larry Keenan in Los Altos Hills, California. The year is correct, but otherwise this photo has nothing to do with the Woodstock festival.

Update 5: the photo below is often shared as “Nothin’ but good times, Woodstock. 1969”

This photo was taken at the Myponga pop festival in Australia, 1971. Source: The Advertiser, Latest Adelaide and South Australia News. You can also check out this scanned page of the Advertiser from 1971.

Update 6: Krazy dazies are here


This photo actually shows California lifestyle in the mid-1960s. Source: Alamy.

Update 7: The photo below is often shared with a title “Woodstock 1969”

This is the only real Woodstock photo in this post. But it was taken in 1994 by John Lynn Kirk. Source: Getty. Woodstock’94 was a music festival to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original festival of 1969.

Update 8: the photo below has been shared with a title “Woodstock, 1969”

Original caption: A young couple stands among a crowd of people demonstrating against the destruction of People’s Park at the University of California, Berkeley. 1969 (Getty Images). Thanks to @PicPedant for checking this image.

See also: Woodstock girl

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