Grand Canyon from space

This picture and caption is very persistent so I decided to post it here. Claim: this is a real photo of the Grand Canyon taken from space.

Image credit: Travis Odgers

Travis Odgers took a photo of Grand Canyon from an aircraft and edited it to look like it was taken from space. Picture was posted on Reddit about six years ago and and it went viral. It’s still being circulated online with the false caption and without mentioning the photographer.

Here’s one real photograph of Grand Canyon from space by Tim Peake. It’s an awesome photo, but of course doesn’t look like the one taken from an airplane.

The photographer seemed bit frustrated because they didn’t like the sepia tone of the artwork. But it was of course too late. Here’s the Flickr post:

Grand Canyon
Photographer’s reaction on Flickr

Yeah, it’s is everywhere now. It doesn’t bother me that people are throwing it around without credit so much as that there is an ugly Sepia tone version going around… so ugly.

– Travis Odgers on Flickr


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