Wave touching a cloud

Does this video show a wave touching a cloud?

The wave doesn’t touch a cloud. The “cloud” is actually sea spray, aerosol particles that are formed directly from the ocean, mostly by ejection into the atmosphere by bursting bubbles at the air-sea interface (definition via Wikipedia). Also, clouds don’t form at very low altitude like in this video.

This video was taken by Conor Hegyi. Below is a show-reel including the short clip at 3:36. More important than the missing cloud is the fact the the original video is of much better quality and deserves attribution.

Conor Hegyi’s show-reel on Vimeo

You can find more great sea videos (also showing sea spray) via Hegyi’s Instagram account.

Many people have asked about the background music. It’s the “Time” by Hans Zimmer. In some Twitter copies of the video the music is “An Ending” by Brian Eno.


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