Video check: moon eclipsing sun in Arctic

This moon video has been circulating widely on social media with many claims:

  • This is the sight at Arctic which is between Russia & Canada
  • The moon appears at this size and then disappears in about 30 seconds and blocks the sun
  • Lunar Eclipse 2021

None of the claims are true.

This video shows a moon that is created with computer. It’s a CG/VFX creation by TikTok user aleksey__nz. Full video below:

Our moon simply doesn’t behave, look or sound like this.

This TikTok user has already made one viral video about an UFO near the moon. That is also a CG/VFX creation. Below is an earlier debunk by UfoOfInterest. They have archived the TikTok user profile which clearly shows the person is a CG artist.

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